Size Pack Size
Fruits Of The  Forest Mix   2.5Kg
Fruits Of The  Forest Mix   1Kg
Strawberries   1 x 1Kg
Raspberries   1 x 1Kg
Melon Balls   1 x 1Kg
Garden Peas   4 x 2.5Kg
Petit Pois Peas   4 x 2.5Kg
Mushy Peas   10 x 1Kg
Fine Whole Beans   4 x 2.5Kg
Cut Green Beans   4 x 2.5Kg
Sliced Carrots   4 x 2.5Kg
Whole Baby Carrots   4 x 2.5Kg
Diced Swede   4 x 2.5Kg
Brussel Sprouts   4 x 2.5Kg
Shredded Green Cabbage   10 x 1Kg
Cauliflower Florets   4 x 2.5Kg
Broccoli Florets   4 x 2.5Kg
Roasted Parsnips   8 x 1.36Kg
Honey Roast Parsnips   16 x 600g
Sweet Corn   4 x 2.5Kg
Corn On The Cob   1 x 24 x 2
Whole Baby Corn Cobs   24 x 500g
Leaf Spinach   10 x 1Kg
Country Style Mixed Vegetables   10 x 1Kg
4 Seasons Mixed Vegetables   4 x 2.5Kg
Farmhouse Vegetable Mix   4 x 2.5Kg
Stew Pack   4 x 2.5Kg
Spring Veg Medley
(Carrots, Cauliflower, Baby Corn)
  4 x 1.5Kg
Oriental Vegetable Mix   10 x 1Kg
Sliced Mixed Peppers   10 x 1Kg
Diced Mixed Peppers   10 x 1Kg
Sliced Onions   10 x 1Kg
Battered Onion Rings   9 x 1Kg
Breaded Mushrooms   1Kg
Breaded Garlic Mushrooms   1Kg

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